May 13

Digital transformation heralds Golden Age

As you are no doubt painfully aware, we’re living in the Age of Information and Telecommunications. You’re probably also aware that before that, we were in the age of Oil, Automobiles and Mass Production. But did you know that these two are just the latest installments of a series of cyclical, long wave techno-economic paradigms, […]

Inflated expectations are replaced by synergies and a Golden Age when technology disseminates, but it takes a crisis to get there!

Apr 13

Is your customer service proactive?

For many companies, customer service is a reactive service. Something your customers will contact when they are purchasing a product or maybe are done purchasing it. When a problem arises, after sales. But customer service can become an integrated part of the overall purchasing experience. After all, that is what customer service is all about: […]

Hertz used to be a text book example of great customer service..

Mar 13

Data drives our shopping experience

Digital is gaining ground – we use it to enhance our buying experience both for online shopping and with traditional retail. And as the presentation below indicates: When sellers leverage more data from more digital touch points to create insights and act on these, the personalized shopping experience will finally become an achievable goal. Omnichannel […]


Feb 13

Do you (really) know your customers?

Market communication is typically done through traditional channels like print, tv, and websites. These channels are often referred to as Paid media (e.g. print, outdoor, tv) and Owned media (e.g. shops, publications, websites, apps). But with the increasing saturation and use of social media, the uncontrollable communication that goes on in these channels (blogs, Facebook, […]


Jan 13

Americans ramp up for m-commerce

Mobile commerce is set to rise. Forrester predicts that by 2017, the share of mobile phone users using their phone for m-commerce, will grow from 20 pct. in 2011 to 50 pct. in 2017. By then, the worldwide purchase volume from mobile devices will break the USD 1 trillion mark (including NFC and POS terminals), […]

Mobile-broadband subscriptions is up from 268M in 2007 to now more than 2B, reflecting an average annual growth rate of 40%.

Jan 13

Airports (should) embrace social media

With the general surge in social media use, it’s no surprise that airports too have seen their fair share of the growth. As this infographics from SimpliFlying and ACI Europe suggests, the number of European social media users have increased 800 pct. from 2011 to 2012! On the other hand, it is a surprise (to […]


Nov 12

Banking: Service innovation is up!

Do you trust your bank? According to Capgemini’s 2012 World Retail Banking report, most people don’t: Twice as many customers around the globe (31%) say they have little or no trust in the banking system, compared to the 15.3% who say that they do. Yet, satisfaction is quite high – despite the fact that banks are struggling to cut cost […]

The 6 top reasons that affect why customers leave a bank.